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While working in my studio one day I noticed that after painting for several hours the only thing that looked good was my pallet. I then started scraping dried paint off the pallet and sticking it to my canvas to describe form. I was pleased with this discovery and then started a similar process with my watercolors. For me, I like the way collage fractures space, creates an energy. My inspirations come from Bay Area Figurative, Richard Diebenkorn, Rolland Peterson, Wayne Thiebaud, Willam DeKooning. I am interested in recording my surroundings, urban life, interiors, people, and personal objects. The work usually starts with photographs I take and then I develop a drawing and go from there. - Bud Gordon

Bud received his art degree at U.C. Davis in the 70's studying with Wayne Thiebaud and the other great artists that were teaching there at that time. Thiebaud remains a valued mentor to Gordon, and both exhibited at the Alex Bult Gallery in Sacramento.  The Gold Leaf Gallery of Monterey is proud to represent an exclusive series of original works by Bud Gordon. Please see the Home, About, and Contact pages to view many of the paintings. The Gold Leaf Gallery is available through the "Contact" link.